Suspiria Rabbit (Print) in pink

Original Painting

Suspiria Rabbit - I watched Suspiria (the horror movie) and the Thom Yorke movie album soundtrack has always been a beautiful replay for me, specifically “Suspiria” & “Unmade” along with “One Line” By Pj Harvey which Thom was also featured in, this song was also on an infinite loop. So quite literally this painting was how those songs made me feel 

I decided to paint over the original painting which was green and painted over it with pink because I felt the color matched a bit more on how I was feeling and it matched the Suspiria album colors

Acrylic guache, watercolor & charcoal on canvas 

18.5 x 13in print on double weighted, fine art glossbook paper. 
Prints will be signed and numbered

Prints come unframed.


Please allow 7 days before shipping