Countess Dracula (Print) Version 2

Original Painting

Countess Dracula - She’ll be your best nightmare, don’t go roaming around the forest while making noise in London after Midnight, finally giving her and excuse to wake up from her century long sleep prying open her coffin to hunt you down. But before she does she’ll have fun with you, she’ll feed off of a man’s lust disguising herself as the most beautiful woman in the world, but as she leans to kiss you, you’ll be met with the biggest grimmest smile as she seeps in her fang's into your neck artery sucking your blood & soul. 

Acrylic guache, watercolor & charcoal on canvas 

18.5 x 13in print on double weighted, fine art glossbook paper. 
Prints will be signed and numbered

Prints come unframed.


Please allow 7 days before shipping